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Suicide Prevention Strategies for Schools - HealthTrust

Every year more than 38,000 Americans die from suicide, including many of America’s youth. Nationally, suicide is the third leading cause of death among people 15 to 24 years old; in New Hampshire, ...Read more



We want to help you keep your workplace a safe, supportive environment that promotes the optimal health and productivity of all employees. That’s why we partner with Municipal Resources, Inc. to offer learning opportunities that meet the unique challenges of working in the public sector. Our course offerings address the whole person, focusing on physical health and safety (through trainings such as preventing slips, trips and falls and back care injury and prevention), as well as mental health and safety (stress reduction, preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, and more). In addition, we provide regulatory and job skill trainings required in most public sector work environments in a cost-effective and convenient format.

Comprehensive Trainings That Work With Your Schedule

Our diverse course offerings cover the areas of finance, health/safety, human resources and schools. Trainings feature a variety of instructional tools including narrated presentations, videos, quizzes, and other useful resources. The Academy delivers training courses in two convenient formats.

Online courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer immediate access to certificates of completion. All online courses are complimentary.

Hybrid courses pair classroom instruction with e-learning.Fees for courses that involve classroom instruction vary depending on required textbooks and other materials.

Eligibility - Choose Your Course Based on Your Coverage

Course eligibility is dependent upon your coverage. Courses designated as “Health” are available if your organization has medical coverage. Courses designated as “PL/WC” are available if your organization has property liability and/or workers’ compensation coverage.Whether you are interested in furthering your education to gain valuable, work-related skills or you want to learn strategies to improve your own personal health and safety, we encourage you to enroll! Visit the Course Offerings page for details or the Account Creation page to enroll today.

About The Academy

The Academy was developed in 2008 in partnership with Municipal Resources, Inc. to offer services focused on health improvement and reduction of accidents and injuries. It provides ongoing communication, education and support aimed at helping you maintain healthy and safe work environments every day.

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